Sunraysia's Anti Fluoridation Network

Sunraysia's Anti Fluoridation Network

We are a group of concerned citizens fighting against an anti democratic campaign by the Victorian Government & Mildura Rural City Council to introduce the S7 poison Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (Fluoride) to our vital drinking water supply.

94% of surveyed resident's say NO!

Why are they going ahead with expensive and dangerous Fluoridation when the people clearly don't want it?
Last time I checked I thought we lived in a democracy?

The following is a list of articles and commentary intended to educate people to the truths of Fluoride - Make up your own mind!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Bombshell: Government Admits Fluoride Hurting Children

Aaron Dykes & Alex Jones
Saturday, January 15, 2011

A significant milestone in the fight against fluoride emerged quietly and without major notice from the mainstream news last week. After decades of ignoring the research about the dangers and hailing water fluoridation as one of the 10 greatest health achievements of the 20th Century (CDC), the government is calling for a reduction in the amount of fluoride it adds to public water supplies, citing its negative effect on teeth (dental fluorosis). For the first time since 1962, the standard for fluoride will be lowered from 1.2 to 0.7 milligrams per liter.

Because fluoride from water builds up over time in the human body, this reduction will not eliminate the dangers of fluoride– which include risk of bone cancer, bone fractures, thyroid disorder, brain inflammation, lowered IQ and mental functions, sterility or reduced fertility and more. However, it is a good sign that the powers-that-be are losing ground on the fluoride debate. Further, the reduction of fluoridation is proof that the warnings from activists, critics and health professionals have been heard after all.

As Alex Jones points out in the video, many of those health professionals who have been blowing the whistle on fluoridation for decades are employees or union contractors of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other governmental regulation agencies. Their objections, based on alarming scientific studies such as the one linking fluoridation with a seven-fold increase in bone cancer for boys, have heretofore been almost wholly ignored, until now. One reason for this government admission, by the way, likely has to do with limiting liability for those harmful effects, or even establishing immunity for districts who adhere to lowering the fluoride standard against future claims to harm.

At the same time, hundreds of other chemicals including many toxic ingredients like lead, arsenic, radium and uranium are also found in public drinking water. Many of these dangerous toxins are put into the water as part of the fluoride-cocktail administered in the many municipalities across the United States and other Western countries, or are leached into the supply via the acidic levels of fluoride. The compound is often not simply sodium fluoride, but a mix of toxic waste byproduct [see chart for hydrofluosilicic acid] created in the process of scrubbing phosphate fertilizer plants and in other high industry applications, such as aluminum.

Furthermore, while fluoride is scheduled for reduction in public water supplies, it is still very common and often dangerously concentrated in many food products at levels of many more parts per million than water and in pesticides used for food production, and in the soils where those pesticides are used.

Though these other fluoride dangers are significant enough that we need to continue educating and informing our fellow friends, neighbors and families, those who have long spoken out about this issue can cherish one victory on the road to taking back our nation, our lives and our health. Now, with this important government admission, we must push for complete removal of added fluoride from public water in our areas.

Further, as advisors to government bodies around the world attempt to argue for forced mass-medication by adding substances like lithium to public water, we must argue against ‘forced consent’ and demand one of our most integral human rights– that no government of man can make a law to force medicate us against our will. We have a human right to say no, especially when we know better.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Profiteering Coward cry's about postering campaign

Oh dear - look what we have done!

Some local "mental giant" has taken it upon themselves to have a cry around in the local paper that the Fluoride Action Committee's educational postering campaign is effecting their business.

Awwww diddums - we really feel for you, seeing as you are the type of person that is quite happy to see your local community and your customers poisoned as long as you can turn a personal profit we are sure not to target your hotel precinct in future with 10 fold the literature we have before!

Oh and PS we have not lost - we have only just started - the campaign is about to escalated beyond what most of you would have previously thought possible in this area :D
We are the sort of people who will never be defeated, we are passionate about this issue and many others to the point that it permeates our very core.

We will not be going away!

In the mean time think about this genius - get the damned poison out of the water and it will stop!

No - clearly you are some form of vested interest or a moron as the logic of the prior statement has either not crossed your mind or you have deliberately skipped it for other reasons.

Either way - whilst my family and fellow community members are being poisoned you can jam your fistfuls of dollars where the sun don't shine!

We will not submit to forced medication - clearly for you at least Fluoride is not going to have much of a detrimental effect on your brain as "there is only so far brain damage can go" but we are all very glad to hear of your objections to our MASSIVE posters as it tells us the campaign is having a very great effect and thus you can be sure of seeing a great many more in the very near future.


Well people its finally on!

Saddle up and put your Armour on for the White Knights of the good citizenry of Mildura have isolated the tyrannical NWO Dragon are charging directly at its stinking jaws with our lances of Justice and Truth aimed squarely between its eyes!

Our fight began as a public referendum on the prospect of Fluoride being added to the water supply, over 4000 people responded over (10% of the population) with a 94% rejection rate.

We were ignored.

Then came the public education campaign with letter writing to the local paper, street stalls at the local markets, several Websites/You tube videos/Blogs being set up and Educational flyer's being festooned all over the District including the local water tower intended to Warn and Educate the wider community to the issue.

Again we were ignored and Fluoride went into the water supply.

Now comes Civil Disobedience.

Rates moratorium here we go.

Due to Lower Murray Water being in "Breach of Contract" to supply safe drinking water to our households and Mildura City Councils role in facilitating this "Breach of Contract" local anti Fluoride activists have found it is fully within our rights and "Legal" not to pay our Land or Water rates!

Some 500 people have signed a document stating their intention to do just this!

We have followed the right path - we have held a democratic referendum and won that resoundingly.

We were ignored - Democracy it seems is a lie in this Nation as many of us already suspected however we were were determined to follow the right path and do everything legally and correctly - of course we were ignored.
The realization of this came as a great shock to many involved in the movement however the effect of this was to ignite the fires of righteous indignation within them and the determination factor within our community increased One Thousand fold.

So here we go!

For those that appose us, for those faceless bureaucratic cowards that profit from other peoples misery - know this - if this doesn't work - we will escalate to the next level - we are the sorts of people you will never defeat, we are fighting for our community, our children, our lives, we have no where else to go, you have backed us into a corner and like a wildcat we will fight you with all our being until the end - of us or you - and let me tell you its going to be you!
For the word is out, the truth is rising and your days are numbered!

I received this letter from Rosemary yesterday.

Here it is -

To all supporting our fight to stop water fluoridation:

A little while ago you signed an “AXEFLUORIDE Expression of Interest” to join with 500 others to help stop fluoridation through non-payment of land rates and/or water rates. Thank you so very much for your promised support. We are very excited to let you know that we have very nearly reached our target number. Very close! Once again Mildura is showing the way. Remember the toxic waste dump fight?? We can win this one too – the secret of our success will be in “people power” and standing firm together. We have lost so much in Mildura. It is time to win another one.

Many of you have already joined with thousands of others in our Sunraysia community to indicate very clearly to our Government that we object to being forced to ingest a toxic waste product through our water. Our objections have been voiced through petitions (several thousand), through our referendum signed by over 10% of our voting population - results indicated that 94% OPPPOSE water fluoridation, and through letters and personal delegations to our political representatives.

When governments obey the people, there is democracy. When people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government will not obey the people, the people have the right to not obey the Government and to claim back their rights and freedoms.
Our Sunraysia community has clearly shown they are willing to fight for democracy and to take on measures to claim back their rights and freedoms. We were asked to find 500 who would be supportive in joining together to sign an “AXEFLUORIDE Expression of Interest”. That target has almost been reached. It is now time to use our “people power” and to start things happening. Remember we do not act alone. Our strength is in our numbers and we will continue to gather this strength by getting many more “ Expressions of Interest”. The greater our numbers, the greater our strength. It is important that we continue to stand together as a community.
I am sending this email, to let you know our exciting news and I ask that you please send me a reply a.s.a.p. so I know that I can contact you through email. As we take our next step, it will be very important to inform each other about what is happening and to stand together as one. Email can be a quick way to get in touch. Telephoning hundreds of people is expensive and very time consuming.

Rosemarie Zalec
PS If you are interested, we are meeting at the Irymple pub at 7.30 pm this Thursday 6th January. You are most welcome.

Be There!