Sunraysia's Anti Fluoridation Network

Sunraysia's Anti Fluoridation Network

We are a group of concerned citizens fighting against an anti democratic campaign by the Victorian Government & Mildura Rural City Council to introduce the S7 poison Hydrofluorosilicic Acid (Fluoride) to our vital drinking water supply.

94% of surveyed resident's say NO!

Why are they going ahead with expensive and dangerous Fluoridation when the people clearly don't want it?
Last time I checked I thought we lived in a democracy?

The following is a list of articles and commentary intended to educate people to the truths of Fluoride - Make up your own mind!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


If the addition of sodium-fluoride to our (Australian) water supplies is so safe and effective, why has it been banned or abandoned in such enlightened European countries as: Norway, Sweden, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, France, Italy, and West Germany?(1)

In proportion to it's population, Australia is the most heavily fluoridated country in the world; 98% of the world's population do not drink artificially fluoridated water.

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